Northern Futures by Mark Anthony Ayling

Northern Futures

Funny, paranoid, original and disturbing, Northern Futures is a cornucopia of dystopian possibilities. ‘Are you available for work? Fancy a spot of home invasion?

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Northern Futures is funny, paranoid, original and disturbing, Northern Futures is a cornucopia of dystopian possibilities. ‘Are you available for work? Fancy a spot of home invasion? What about a kidnapping or a high profile ransom? The price is negotiable. The target is specific. It has to be sentient … It has to be an AI.’ Welcome to Northern Futures, where a private investigator ponders the murder of a time travelling courier, a smart home is kidnapped and held to ransom, a nursing student falls in love with a university test clone and a gang of mercenaries attempts the perilous retrieval of a gas-powered engine from the ruins of a northern city. Silas Marvel Investigates – When the desperate widow of a recently murdered Clocker attends the offices of Silas Marvel Investigations to retain his services, Marvel accepts the case. However, what should be a relatively straightforward investigation is much more complicated than it first appears. Vegan State – In the future, being unhealthy is outlawed. Eating meat is a crime punishable by death. Underground dinner parties are on the increase, though for Annabelle Jones the consequences of attending could prove disastrous. (225-50) Agnes – A giant asteroid is on a collision course with the Earth. Armageddon is imminent. However, some people will go to any lengths to avoid the pending apocalypse. Skipper Jeremiah Dudd – Jeremiah Dudd is experiencing radical biological disturbances following a skipping operation gone awry, unaware that he is the unwitting test subject in a make or break experiment conducted by the ruthless and ambitious Dr. Ignatius Welsh. A Dish Best Served – When Obadiah Wickes’s residence comes under attack from an unidentified assailant, revenge for a past wrong seems the only rational explanation.

Northern Futures by Mark Anthony Ayling
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Lillicat Publishers
Publication Year: 2016
Format: paperback
Length: 208 pages
ISBN: 9781945646072

List Price: $15.95
eBook Price: £2.35
I’ve been involved in the creative writing racket since 1956. About 10 years ago I started producing an anthology series, Twisted Tails. When I put out a call for submissions for the most recent volume, Twisted Tails IX: Wunderkind, I received a manuscript from Mark Ayling. I am a tough editor and the acceptance rate for these anthologies has averaged around 12%. Mr. Ayling made it in that 12%. He has a fresh voice that had me engaged within three lines. His imaginative, intense approach gained immediate acceptance, and his story, Prodigious, became part of the Wunderkind project. Mark Ayling’s work makes a delightful read, especially if the reader has a somewhat warped sense of humor and likes the unusual.”
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